Meditation on the inner Light and Sound

Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Well-Being

Your supreme reality is that you are a soul. Eternal bliss is your truth. You are all-consciousness, an image of unending peace.

Sant Baljit Singh Ji

What is Sant Mat?

Sant Mat is an age-old, spiritual way of life that includes developing respect, trust, and love for all and discovering our full potential as human beings. It is a lifestyle in harmony with higher values that nurtures our soul through meditation—the regular contact with the inner Light and Sound. This contact is made available through a living spiritual teacher.

Learning the Sant Mat lifestyle is always free of charge and is offered in a spirit of compassion and service. Millions worldwide from diverse cultures practice this way of life.

The Sant Mat Lifestyle

The benefits of the Sant Mat lifestyle include increased inner strength, peace, and clarity. One discovers greater compassion and understanding, a sense of service to humanity, and further insight into one’s purpose in life.

The goal of Sant Mat is for us to know our self as soul and to realize our oneness with the Creator.

What is the Soul?

If we were to imagine the soul as a feeling, then the closest experience might be overwhelming happiness and love in its purest, most unconditional, and selfless form. If we were to imagine the soul visually, perhaps it would resemble a pure white light brighter than a million suns.

Yet these descriptions cannot sufficiently convey all that the soul is. The soul cannot be described in words—it can only be experienced. It is consciousness in its purest form.

The current Master, Sant Baljit Singh Ji, invites you to explore this reality, by passing on a meditation and way of life that allows you to develop your consciousness. Like a tree that is latent inside a seed, ready to sprout under the right conditions, we each have the capacity to develop our Supreme Life. 

What is Meditation?

Any action that involves focused attention is usually done with an intended outcome. For example, if we have the goal of making a delicious meal, we would concentrate our attention on preparing the food. If we have the goal of increasing our knowledge on a particular subject, we might put our full concentration on reading a book on that topic. In general, the more that we dedicate ourselves and our attention to an activity, the more pronounced the results will be.

The same applies when pursuing a spiritual goal or objective. A specific meditation carried out in a specific manner will deliver a specific result. Many meditation techniques are available, and it can be confusing to know which one to choose. So it is important to understand the purpose and goal of the technique before choosing to practice it.

The purpose of the meditation taught by Sant Baljit Singh Ji is so that one can know and realize oneself as soul.

What is the Inner Light and Sound?

We all know about physical light and sound that are perceived by our physical eyes and ears. However, the inner Light and Sound refers to something different — these are two frequencies of a subtle form of energy that is within us and everything around us. This energy is the creative power, the source of all things.

The inner Light and Sound serves a very important and specific purpose. Not only is it the creative force, it also is the mechanism by which one can return to the source of that creative power through meditation. It is like a staircase that provides a means for going both up and down. The inner Light and Sound create everything, and when we meditate upon them, they serve as a means for us to reach our original source, the creative power, God.

The inner Light and Sound cannot be experienced by our physical eyes and ears. Only by carefully placing our attention at certain points internally can we experience this subtle form of energy and be led up to our ultimate goal.

Meditating on the inner Light and Sound means the total concentration on one or the other of the two. This is a practice and, like any other skill, requires regular effort to perfect. Once perfected, the total absorption of our attention on the inner Light and Sound leads to self-realization — knowing ourselves as soul.

Ethical Living: How to Support this Meditation Practice?

An ethical life is one lived with respect toward all, where our actions are inspired by compassion and love. Good thoughts, words, and actions are simple yet profound principles. A life of honesty, integrity, humility, service, and refraining from all harm is the foundation of a spiritual life.

Human beings are social creatures designed to live together, cooperate, and serve each other. Humanity’s ability to collaborate and cooperate has led to amazing feats. Nurturing these qualities and applying them to support those who are in need are naturally part of an ethical lifestyle.

Following a vegetarian diet is an example of compassion in action. Therefore, the vegetarian diet is most suitable for a spiritual life.

Who is Sant Baljit Singh Ji?

Sant Baljit Singh Ji strives to bring peace, harmony, and happiness to humankind and to help relieve suffering. His only motivation is to help others. He extends himself tirelessly to those in need and always does his best to serve the less fortunate.

Unity in diversity, service to humanity, compassion for all, a natural lifestyle, and devotion to the omnipresent God pervading all are the cornerstones of Sant Baljit Singh Ji’s teachings. He reminds everyone of the importance of realizing their own greatness at the level of soul and shares his knowledge and experience with all who are interested. His organizations around the world embrace his teachings as the inspiration for their charitable work.

From a humble background, Sant Baljit Singh Ji was born and raised in rural India. His affiliation with the deeper meaning of life started at a young age, inspired by listening to his father read the Bhagavad Gita. Later, a quote in his school, “God is Love,” sparked his spiritual quest. In his youth, he began volunteering at ashrams and temples.

He worked as an engineer in the merchant navy and at the same time pursued the path of spirituality before dedicating himself to serving humanity. Though much of his time now is spent in devotional practices, he continues to serve and help people all over the world.

Sant Baljit Singh Ji’s message is that we are all part of the big family of God. Thus we are to love, respect, and serve the Divine in all forms, including our fellow human beings, the animals, and nature.

Want to know more?

Our centers and meditation groups are located in many cities and towns around the world. We offer introductory programs for those seeking to explore the teachings of Sant Baljit Singh Ji. Participants in these programs receive guidance on the supportive lifestyle that harmonizes with higher values and nurtures the soul. These programs prepare participants for learning the meditation on the inner Light and Sound.

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